Content is King


If you neglect the content on your website, i’m sorry to say your doing it all wrong. Content or blogging is very high on the list, next to link building. Look at them as if they are Bill and Ben the content and link building men.

Providing fresh and new content proves to google that you know what you’re talking about and you are an authority in your niche. Another great thing about content, is it keeps your visitors engaged and wanting more.

Repeat visitors that stay a while, shows Google that your site is indeed important. Putting keywords in your content or even just writing about them is another step in the right direction.

If you know even a bit of SEO, you may be asking yourself “Scott, keywords aren’t relevant in Googles eyes anymore”

You are right, but also wrong.

The keyword meta tag is no longer relevant to Google, The phrases people use to search are the keywords you want to rank for. Long tail keywords are especially rewarding. More on that in another post.

Some top ranking websites have over 1000 keywords they rank for.

That is a huge opportunity for some great FREE targeted traffic.

Here are some tips for creating great content.


Create long articles


Research has shown that the average first-page result is around the 1900 wordmark. Sounds like a lot, it is.

Depth is the key and longer, niche related helpful or interesting content keeps your visitors engaged and wanting to read or learn more.

It also gives you the opportunity to focus on keywords and writing good content for related and long tail search phrases. Take your time when writing a post, don’t try and post 4 or 5 times a week with mediocre content, instead take the week to write one long, engaging piece. Spend an hour or so a day, writing and re-writing. Google will thank you in the long run.


Content variation


Keeping your content unique and full variety may seem like a hard task, while in reality, it’s quite easy. Even if your niche is not unique, there is no reason your content cant be. Use different tools to conduct keyword research and use those as your topic starting point. Even if there are articles published on the same content, put your twist on it. Tell the audience things you have tried and if they failed or succeeded. Don’t be afraid to post about failure, sharing knowledge and how you overcome it will empower you and your readers will respect you for it.


Refresh old content


In the ever-changing SEO world, tactics that use to work last year maybe frowned upon this year. That’s the nature of the game, and keeping up with all Googles white hat techniques is a must.

So now you find your self with an article about implementing certain things a certain way, only to find that its no longer relevant or the industry standard has changed. Never fear, this is a perfect time to refresh your old content and make sure to put a line at the very top of the article with the date it was updated eg – “updated 1-03-2019”

You now have fresh new content, and most importantly it is still relevant and helpful. Google will thank you with organic traffic.

We do offer keyword research and can find you the best phrases to use and work with.

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  • Research keywords with the tool listed here
  • Make a list of keywords you want to target (niche specific)
  • Brainstorm ideas that are relevant to your keywords
  • Start writing your first post, remember to take your time.


Read Step 1 by clicking here – Link Building


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